About Her Option

Her Option can help you take control of your heavy periods.

Although there are several treatment options for reducing or eliminating heavy periods, most require hormone therapy or surgery. Some are intended for hospital use and may cause significant discomfort when performed in a doctor’s office.

Her Option® was designed with your comfort in mind. It was specifically developed and approved for office use. That means your doctor performs the therapy in the familiar setting of your regular clinic. The treatment requires minimal anesthesia—no IV or surgery. Many women even return to their normal activity level by the next day.

Benefits of Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy

  • high success and patient satisfaction rate
  • patient comfort
  • strong safety profile
  • a procedure, not a surgery
  • no hormones
  • may require only a minimal office co-pay

Important safety information

Her Option is not recommended for everyone. You’ll need to be evaluated by your doctor to find out if it’s right for you.

You will not be a candidate if you:

  • intend to become pregnant
  • use an IUD
  • suffer from uterine cancer
  • have an active urinary tract infection or pelvic inflammatory disease
  • have certain types of uterine abnormalities.

Every medical treatment has risks and complications. Talk to your doctor.

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Next steps

You don’t have to live with abnormal uterine bleeding. Doctors can treat heavy periods successfully and safely. If you suffer from AUB, consider your options.

Find a doctor who performs Her Option cryoablation.

Use our Find a Doctor feature to locate a physician in your area that performs Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy. Find out if Her Option is right for you.

Visit with your doctor.

Check with your physician to see if they offer Her Option Cryoablation Therapy. If your physician doesn’t offer the treatment, download and print the Her Option Information Sheet and take it to an appointment. See if your doctor would consider using Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy in the future.

Contact us for more information.

To find out more about Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy, email us at HerOption@coopersurgical.com.