Preparing for the Procedure

No hospitals. No hormones. No surgery.

Her Option Cryoablation is safe, simple and effective. It was specifically designed and approved for use in the comfort of your doctor’s office.

Steps of the treatment process

  1. Eat a light meal prior to your appointment.

  2. Your bladder will need to be full so your doctor can monitor the treatment progress using an ultrasound. Drink two 8-oz. glasses of water before you arrive.

  3. Your doctor will help determine which level of sedation is best for you. Typically, a local anesthesia will be enough.

  4. Your doctor will insert a slender probe through your vagina into your uterus. The probe is so thin that it requires little or no cervical dilation, minimizing discomfort.

  5. Once the probe is in place, the cooling process begins. The probe freezes the uterine tissue symmetrically around its tip. After several minutes, your doctor will warm the endometrium for one to two minutes and then repeat the freezing.

  6. After a final brief warming cycle, the procedure is complete. The entire process takes approximately 20-30 minutes. (Times will vary depending on the office setup.)

Will it hurt?

Most women don’t experience pain during the procedure. You may, however, feel mild pressure or a cramping sensation (similar to menstrual cramps). Taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication or analgesic ahead of time can help reduce any discomfort.

What are the risks?

Every medical treatment has risks and complications. Talk to your doctor to make sure you understand the potential complications and benefits of cryoablation.

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Insurance coverage information

Most private insurances cover Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy. Be sure to check with your insurer prior to the procedure. In some cases a small office co-pay is all that’s required.