Doctor Discussion Guide

Take the first step toward freedom from heavy periods.

Talking to your doctor about heavy periods can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before.

But you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask. Abnormal uterine bleeding is a treatable condition that affects one in four women in the U.S. Your doctor is there to help you find a solution.

Simply print the Doctor Discussion Guide and take it to your appointment.

Getting started: what to ask your doctor

"What do you know about abnormal uterine bleeding/menorrhagia?"
"I have some questions about my period."
"I’ve been hearing about a condition called AUB. I know it affects lots of women, and I think I could be one of them."
"I’ve heard a lot of women are getting treated for heavy periods and irregular cycles. Can you tell me more?"
"What’s the difference between normal bleeding and excessive bleeding? How can I find out if I’m suffering from a condition that needs to be treated?"

Next steps: additional questions for discussion

"What could be causing my heavy periods?"
"Should I have any tests?"
"What are my treatment options? How does each one work? What are the risks involved?"
"Which in-office treatments for heavy menstrual bleeding do you perform? What’s the success rate of each?"
"Can you refer me to other patients you’ve treated?"
"Am I a candidate for Her Option Office Cryoablation Therapy? Have you performed this procedure before? If not, can you recommend someone who has or would you be willing to look into the procedure for me?"

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Additional printable discussion materials include our Heavy Bleeding Quiz, Menstrual History and Her Option Information Sheet.